Samsung galaxy note 2 vs iphone 5

2020-02-27 18:40

The Galaxy Note 2's battery is superior to the iPhone 5's. Gigantic plastic, or compact aluminum? Both cameras take great shots. The Note II has more raw power, but both provide plenty of zip inOct 06, 2012 We're comparing the Apple iPhone 5 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The two are today's mostcravedfor smartphones. Which of the two makes your mouth water? Correction the iPhone 5 was in HDR samsung galaxy note 2 vs iphone 5

Jan 13, 2013 The difference between the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 are the Note 2 has a 5. 5 inch screen and the S3 has a 4. 8 inch screen. The Note 2 has a 1. 6 GHz Quad Core processor and the S3 has a 1. 4 GHz Dual Core (so the Note 2 is faster and can better multitask).

Dec 28, 2012  I am a long time iPhone user going back to the original. I also have an iPad and am considering an iMac. However, I am not as pleased as I had hoped with the iPhone 5. I am very close to switching to the Note 2, but am nervous about the change, learning a new system, size, iTunes (which I'm use to), FaceTime (not the biggest concern but definitely a plus since all my family have iPhones), Oct 06, 2013  It will be tough for Samsung to beat the strong brand of Apple at the moment, however, the gap is getting closer each year and Samsung has some advantages with the Galaxy Note 2. Lets break down and compare tech specs of the 2 smartphones, iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2. samsung galaxy note 2 vs iphone 5 Oct 06, 2012  Heres our Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5 comparison, along with a handson video comparison. Many people want to see how the two top smartphones of the moment fare against each other, even if they

Sep 29, 2012 Apple has released the taller, thinner, faster, lighter, brighter iPhone 5 and we've got your definitive iPhone 5 review right here and now Samsung is bringing their nextgeneration giant, the Galaxy Note 2 to market. As much as Samsung has been labeled a copyist over the course of the last couple years, the Galaxy Note series has always been a big exception, literally. samsung galaxy note 2 vs iphone 5

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