Samsung eternity touch screen sensitivity

2020-01-21 17:08

Apr 19, 2009 I upgraded to the Samsung Eternity about three months ago. I really loved it but it seems as if the screen is getting worse and worse! First it was really good and sensitive, but now it's getting really annoying! I have to literally press the screen! Texting is a pain!Samsung Eternity reviews written by PhoneArena users. You can read the opinion of each user and how they rate the phone in 11 categories. but even before then the touch screen was horrible in my opinion. i could go on and on about the faults in this Phone. Build quality. 2. 0. this means that loss of touch sensitivity through time should samsung eternity touch screen sensitivity

The Eternity looks real nice, has a clear screen, seemed senitive enough to the touch but like all Samsung phones I have had, it had the worse reception of any other brand of cell phone I have

touch screen with okay sensitivity loud speakers so you can hear them clearly when far away or listening to music. it has a good feeling when you put your hands on the phone and it doesn't feel View full Samsung Eternity specs on CNET. The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for 2019. samsung eternity touch screen sensitivity My samsung eternity lost sensitivity in the touch scren the display is fine and everything looks good but is not sensitive to the touch, this can be resolved with a digitizer screen? please help Posted by mts2552 on Nov 21, 2009

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