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2019-11-20 10:07

Apr 27, 2012  We received a photo of what looks like it could be Samsungs upcoming flagship handset, the Samsung Galaxy S3. Although it isnt confirmed at this point, this is one of the most compelling images we have seen so far. Well know in a couple days ifDec 02, 2012 What are all the ways to make my battery last longer on my Samsung Galaxy S3? It seems to be going down very fast and I think I've done all I can to make it last longer but I just want to make sure. . Cheers samsung galaxy s3 yahoo news

Jan 06, 2013 you should get galaxy s3 it's because I owned an iPhone and it was quit a problem. almost every app on the market was paid or trial for free. jailbreaking was getting a problem on my contract and it couldn't run cutting edge games smoothly. as for s3, I have used at my cousins house, was a fantastic experience. it ran every game I dreamed of

Dec 11, 2012 No, seriously, don't get the s3. I'd highly recommend the nokia lumia 920. Nokia have come back with this powerful device and it beats the iphone 5 and the s3 handsdown. It has the windows 8 operating system, and just like the windows 7. 5 OS on the previous lumia devices, it's much slicker than android, and better now. Apr 14, 2014 Ok so i dropped my phone today on the floor around 4ft high and the battery fell out i put the battery back and and held the power button to turn it back on it turns on i can see the led light but the screen wont appear, the phone still works i had a friend text me and i could feel the phone vibrate, the back and options lights on the phone light up but my screen wont show. samsung galaxy s3 yahoo news Aug 01, 2018 Winner: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Price. You can grab the Tab S3 right now from Amazon, with prices starting at 550 for the WiFi only model. The LTE model is no longer sold by Samsung, but you can

Mar 03, 2016 Home Forums Channels Android Devices Samsung Galaxy S3 General Can't get Yahoo News to turn off in Lock Screen Discussion in ' Android Devices ' started by stangs2, Aug 3, 2012. samsung galaxy s3 yahoo news

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