Samsung sanitize cycle dryer

2020-01-18 15:24

Mar 17, 2013  Appliance Guru Guy. The washing machine needs to boost the water temperature upto at least 155 and hold that tempt for 5 minutes to sanitize cloths. The dryer is the same, however, you would use the sanitize in the dryer to sanitize things you cannot wash; such asDry clothes in no time with a new electric dryer from Sears. If you're tired of facing a still damp pile of clothes after a pass through the dryer, it might mean it's time for a new one. Luckily, Sears has a great selection of electric dryers to leave your clothes, towels and linens feeling fresh in no time. samsung sanitize cycle dryer

Drying Programs& Options: NSF certified sanitary cycle, air fluff, damp dry, delicate, heavy duty, normal, perm press, quick drying, sanitize 799. 99 at Best Buy Samsung DV22K6800EW dryer

Nov 24, 2017 Discover Sanitize Cycle, an easy way to eliminate germs and bacteria from your clothes. Leave clothes warm and fresh with a new dryer from Sears When you've got mounds of dirty clothes to clean, the right dryer can make all the difference. Sears carries a great selection of topoftheline machines that will get your favorite garments just the right amount of dry. samsung sanitize cycle dryer Features. If your washer does not sanitize your clothing, dryers will pick up the slack if it is the Samsung DV410AEWXAA. This is among the dryers certified by the NSF to kill 99. 9 percent of household germs. This will be a great comfort for germophobes and anyone else that wants a

How it Works. Sanitizing washers use steam or water to kill microorganisms that may be on your clothing or linens. During the cycle, steam or water is heated to a temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit hot enough to destroy these little pests. Not only does the process kill germs and harmful microorganisms, samsung sanitize cycle dryer

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