Samsung refrigerator trips breaker

2019-11-20 09:12

Woke up this morning and the refrigerator was off. Rest the circuit breaker only to have it trip every time. Began unplugging items and resetting to troubleshoot WHAT was tripping it and as soon as I removed the refrigerator the circuit stayed live.In the end, you would need to switch off the fridge completely in order to use any of the other appliances in the home. Some of the causes of this problem. If a new fridge is causing the circuit breaker to trip often, there are several things that could be wrong. First, it could be a problem with the circuitry within the fridge. samsung refrigerator trips breaker

Apr 17, 2016 This samsung fridge turns on and runs fine then trips the circuit breaker after a few hours of running. I thought it would most likely be the defrost element but thought I'd check the compressor anyway and I'm getting 11. 5 Ohms between any pair of terminals.

Jun 14, 2017  Fridge keeps tripping the circuit breaker hameed wafa. Side by Side Fridge freezer Tripping Electrics Earth Leakage Trip 8: 30. AC Keeps Tripping Breaker and My Samsung refrigerator is tripping the breakers and the freezer is not working ModleRF26vabwp Answered by a verified Appliance Technician samsung refrigerator trips breaker Why is GFCI tripping on refrigerator circuit? to two other reciptiacles with it being closest to the breaker to stop the overcurrent from tripping the breaker. In newer houses though everything with be afci breakers so you will still have to accesss your panel to reset. share improve this answer.

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